18 Step Sales Letter Outline

Brittany Lynch here with a really cool gift for you..nothing to sell just 100% wicked content.

In my opinion copywriting is the most underrated skill you need to master when it comes to running a successful online business.

Most people focus on driving traffic, or creating a product… but what good are these skills if you can’t convert your prospects into buyers?

That’s why I believe copywriting is the most important skill you can learn to immediately start making more money in your business.

So today I got on the phone and recorded an amazing interview that goes over the 18 steps every great sales letter should have with world class copywriter (and my brother) Conor Lynch.

If you’ve ever invested in a product from me or many other top level marketers, chances are you’ve seen Conors copy.

He has written for big name marketers like Russell Brunson, Tim Castlemen and Alex Jeffries to name a few…

So whether you’re writing emails, selling information products, physical products or even T-Shirts online, this interview will be extremely valuable and I have no doubt that by the end of the call you’ll have discovered at least 1 new technique you can add to your sales funnel to increase your ROI.

This is a 100% content interview as a gift to you for being one of my awesome subscribers, but it won’t be available forever so make sure you check it out now!

To Your Success